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EXTERIOR PAINTING SERVICES improve your exterior appearances.



Any rotted wood trim on the exterior of your home? Our exterior painting service has you covered. We can do many kinds of wood repairs. We specialize in carpentry replacing either minor or major rotten wood and also offer non-rot wood alternatives.


We specialize in skillfully using the wood epoxy kit from on repairing minor rot areas rather than just patching with caulk to avoid spreading rot and sometimes resulted in costly larger wood replacement. Caulk is less expensive in labor costs. It would not last long if it was patched on rot areas.  This superior product, Abatron's wood epoxy kit is a much better professional quality and can’t be purchased locally.

  • Siding repairs

  • Deck repairs

  • Door frame repairs

  • Brick repointing

  • Window trim repairs

  • Porch column repairs

  • Window sill replacement

  • PVC trim repairs

Phoenix Custom Painting has 30+ years of experience painting stucco, brick, wood siding, aluminum siding, cedar shingles, wood trim, soffit, fascia, doors with trim, and windows with trim. We also do deck sealing and staining.


Painting is the most cost effective, visually impacting home improvement method to help you maintain and protect value and investment of your home.  If you need exterior painters, have us serve you!

Columns Replaced
Siding Replaced

After Job Completed

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