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Eric Oplinger standing by his Phoenix Custom Painting van.


You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a painting contractor or a handyman for your home, rental property, or business. We have four decades of experience. Just as important, we haven't lost our passion for matching the perfect paint and correct color to that special space.

Our Advantages

Painting and a whole lot more because we can help with other handyman services like carpentry and drywall repairs, fixture and cabinet installation, tile and flooring, and more.  That's right, we give you more services to help you transform rooms and spaces.  Just ask, and you'll see what we mean.

Happy referrals have built our business. Leave it in the hands of a professional, and when you come home, you'll be greeted by the room of your dreams, thanks to meticulous preparation, finishing and cleanup.

Our Promise

  • ​Fair Prices

  • Customer Support

  • Guarantee

  • Small Responsible Staff

  • ​Strong References


Why Choose Us?




Phoenix is a fabled bird from Ancient Egypt. He lived 1,500 years before fire consumed him. A newborn Phoenix rose from the flame.  


Phoenix is a symbol of rebirth. We chose that symbol as our logo. Phoenix Custom Painting will bring new life to your home.


Phoenix Custom Painting has been servicing clients for over 32 years. We specialize in painting, handyman and real estates.  


Phoenix Custom Painting is a small company. We maintain the top quality professional service. And we employ other trusted professionals to work with me.

Eric Oplinger, Founder and CEO of Phoenix Custom Painting Handyman Services

About Me

Phoenix Custom Painting has established since 1984 in Northern Virginia and relocated to Richmond. Deaf-owned and operated by Eric Oplinger, a craftsman, and business person.  I use technology for text messaging, email, Boogie e-Writer, etc to communicate with my clients. While doing estimating phases of our project, I am literate with written documents and provide detailed estimates and specifications for all of my work. Please see the contact page to reach me for a free estimate, my Facebook page, or text me by phone. Thank you, Eric 

Why Choose Us?
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